Trench Rescue | Selby 19 October 2014

On Sunday the 19th October Riga Rescue was contacted to assist in the finding of the body of a man that was believed to be under a collapsed section of earth. Graham Holmquist and his k9 partner Luna responded to the call. On arrival we noticed that we were many ppl around the scene. That always makes it difficult as the k9 have difficulty in pointing out the scent origin as the scene was very contaminated. After requesting that SAPS and Rescue Technical team move away so we can try clear the contamination of scent. Graham and Scholtz ( from SAPS k9) then put their dogs Luna and Timone in to work . Luna alerted on a spot sort of in the middle of the area searched after luna worked it we gave a few min and put in Timone . He alerted on the same spot. We suggested the rescue team start digging there. 1 hour 45 min later they found the body . Well done Luna Nd Timone . Family of the man found now have closure.

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