Training 20 September 2014

Today was a hot tough day for the teams, started off with the new dogs. Hunter was very happy to look for his victims and did very well on his recalls and refinds - well done young blood hound. Bluu was bouncy as we all love her, she had the pleasure for looking for our new victims that were so kind to volunteer for the day,  Mel and Stacy who received a teddy bear from us in early 2011. They follow us on Facebook and Twitter and contacted us to ask if they can hide for us. We happily agreed. Bluu had a multi victims to search for and did so in no time well done bluu. Lacey and Riaan sailed through their search with a very interesting incident, Lacey once found the victims in the tree layed down next to the tree and waited for Riaan, interesting move girl. Dekota the chocolate lad and Swannie had a nice long search and also found their victims in trees. Looks like we  had a tree day today. Luna had two victims to search for today, found both and boy did she not wanna stop playing. In all we had a very successful training session today and always ready for the next call ......

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