Animal Assisted Trauma Guidance

trauma-guidanceTrauma Counselling on scene-goes hand in hand with information retrieval for more effective investigation. The team is called out when there is a scene where a child/children has gone through trauma, e.g. Children saw someone drown, the house burned down while they were present, a parent/family member died in their presence ect. Sometimes information retrieval needs to be done as we arrive on scene. Children that witnessed something bad, and is the only witnesses, are questioned by SAPS, EMS, JMPD -all uniformed members. They are not only terrified by all the uniformed staff but are also afraid that they have done something wrong. Also children are not mentally mature, and thus they get the facts wrong, they lie to protect themselves. As EMS or SAPS, the scene needs to be cleared up, or bodies need to be found, but this can not be done if the only witness is lying.



Theresa De Klerk
Studied Ethology, has a diploma in child psychology, busy with her degree in Psychology. She is a trained Trauma Councilor.GezinaLabrador Retriever