01 -11-2014 Meyerton Search and Recovery

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Late evening on 31 October 2014 we were contacted by the Meyerton Fire Department to assist in the search for the missing kids that were playing by the Klipspruit river. They went missing on Wednesday already and the police have been searching since then. We sent the call out and 3 Teams were dispatched to the scene the following  morning. The RV point was Midvaal fire department. We arrived at +-07h20 and met up with Morne who gave the teams a briefing,  we then mobilised to the scene. When we arrived at the scene we saw the SAPS tape that cordoned off the place the victims were last seen. We set up and shortly after SAPS water wing and Mounted units arrived. The local CPF came in later. We were briefed again and members of other organisations were explained to how we operate with the dogs and the scene needs to be clear once we start. A few CPF members we had to ask pls to stay out our search area as they were contaminating scent. First K9 team in was Bluu and Gayle. Bluu showed interest on two place’s, most probably where the body of the boy got stuck in the side of the river. Second team in was Hunter and Glen showed interest in one spot where Bluu pointed. The area that was searched was used to get water and used for access so very contaminated  scent wise. We had a fence off area that we needed to search that was part of someone’s property had they had dogs so very challenging to search there with all that. We decided that we will put the third team on the Croc ( inflatable rescue boat) Graham and Luna with Glen took to the water. Gayle and Bluu went to the fenced of area close to where Bluu showed interest the first time. The two Rescue tech’s Morne and Glen from fire dep had success in finding the first body. The body was recovered. Luna, Graham and Glen from Riga rescue carried on down the river looking for the second body few places of interest when we had a bad smell to investigate with the SAPS water wing turned out to be a dead sheep and lots of huge fish. Few km down the stream searching every possible area of probability to find the second victim but found nothing. Returning after a very long walk we had a briefing  and search was terminated for the day by SAPS. Thank you to all who were involved and we’ll done once again for the outstanding  and professional  service  of the Riga Rescue team as well as Meyerton Fire Dep and SAPS water wing and mounted unit with CPF.

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