Handler Chat

From Riaan Cloete

All our handlers and dogs in the unit are doing a superb job. It is so good to see that all the hours we spend on training pays off.Currently we have 9 handler and dog teams.All our Members are Qualified and registered medical practitioners (I.L.S, A.L.S, flight medical attendant, trauma flight nurse), with rescue qualifications, either in high angle rescue, swift water rescue, confined space rescue, building collapse and trench rescue.We specialise in Wilderness search and rescue, and Disaster search and rescue.Theresa and Gezina are doing such a great job, never stop what you are doing every time you visit someone does not matter how insignificant it might seem to you, I promise it makes a huge difference in that person/s life .You don’t always get the credit you deserve but I am proud to say I know you and that you are a part of us.RIGA Rescue will assist any organisations government and non government or any person who needs our assistance to the best of our ability. 


From K9 Handler Theresa

Having the correct information, I can make a call as to indicate too SAPS, EMS,DIVERS, SEARCH AND RESCUE, and other entities involved about my findings. Out of 5 call outs, Gezina and I had 4 successes. Within 30 minutes of us arriving the bodies were recovered, From here we immediately start trauma “first aid” to try and reduce Post Traumatic Stress to the  children/victims, and hand them over for further treatment.

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