Buccleuch: House Fire – 5 July 2019

Friday, 5 July 2019 had Riga Rescue responding to a call of a double-story thatch home which was on fire in the Buccleuch area.
Responding teams could see the home was engulfed in flames from several kilometers away and rushed to the scene. 
On arrival, Sandton CPF informed responders that (according to the homeowner) the garage contained gas bottles and a container of petrol. Members of an RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) and the City of Johannesburg suited up and entered the house to look for and remove accelerants as quickly as possible, while the Sandton CPF cordoned off the area.
The teams worked together to successfully remove the dangerous items from the home and fight the blaze. Medical services, Emer-G-Med, were on scene to assist and checked the homeowner who was standing by, in a state of complete shock.
Sadly, the home was destroyed – however, no injuries to people or animals and damage to neighboring properties were reported.
Thank you to Voluntary Medical and Rescue Technologies who also came out and assisted.

– RR

Riga Rescue on scene in Buccleuch, 5 July 2019.

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