Soweto: Body Recovery – 30 June 2019

Sunday, 30 June at around 15h30 Riga Rescue arrived on scene in Soweto after a call was received for our special rescue unit. Riga Rescue, Netcare911 and SAPS assisted in the body recovery of an adolescent boy – it is alleged that the boy was train surfing. Riga Rescue and the Netcare911 crew set up a system to lower the rescue personnel down the embankment over a 10m drop off the side of a bridge to a stream below. A rescue stretcher was lowered and the victim’s body was recovered and taken by the Forensic Pathology Service. PRASA officials on scene assisted with getting the line closed in order for rescue personnel to carry out the rescue safely. Many community members gathered to watch the rescue operations from a distance and thanked the rescue workers for their assistance. Thank you to Netcare911, SAPS and PRASA officials for their efforts on scene.

– RR

Riga Rescue on scene in Soweto, 30 June 2019.

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    You guys do great work, keep it up.

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