Riga Rescue was founded in October 2009 as a free emergency search and rescue service to the community in order to help save lives and prevent tragedy.

Operating out of Johannesburg North, our trained personnel, consisting of trained paramedics, firefighters, rescue technicians, and search dog handlers collectively boast over 35 years of experience.

Our aim is to provide this service to everyone, whether they have medical aid or not.

When emergency strikes, every passing moment is critical and every second that goes by can mean the difference between temporary or permanent injury. It’s about getting the right people with the appropriate skills and knowledge to where help is needed as quickly as possible.

Search and rescue is an aspect of emergency services in which both government and local agencies coordinate, deploy and manage trained, certified teams to look for, rescue, or recover lost and/or injured people.
Governments and local agencies usually work together to co-ordinate the resources that are trained to respond to disasters throughout the country and even the world.

Dogs are a critical resource; not only to find missing people out in remote and vast areas but also people buried by landslides, structural collapse, trench collapse, to locating drowned victims, locating and rescuing people who are trapped after any natural or man-made calamity. Due to the dogs’ specialized abilities, they have become an essential resource to complement rescue teams.
Whether the disaster is the result of a phenomenon of nature or caused by man, the effects are tragic and devastating. Disasters include earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, explosions, and airline crashes.

The objective is to rescue survivors who might be buried in structures and/or mud and debris. Responses to disasters of this magnitude require technical expertise.
It’s important to have several types of specialists available and working together at disaster sites. The areas must be made relatively safe before handlers & dogs can move in to search, so the site may need to be cleared of hazardous material or other dangerous influences.

The current team present intrinsic and espouse the following values:
• Proactive and resourceful approach with a commitment to search and rescue
• Looking at the sustainability and growth of the unit
• Providing a world-class K 9 unit within the field of Search and rescue and search and recovery.

We are looking at creating an effective unit to encourage the following competencies:
• A selfless service approach.
• Availability outside of normal working hours.
• Capacity to foster relationships and proactively educate the community.
• Achieve a high readiness level to adequately, respond to any emergency.
• To continue to strive with ongoing passion and commitment to create a sustainable, proactive and resourceful search and rescue unit; working in synergy with various departments, sharing our knowledge and utilizing our resources to save lives.

The case of an emergency call Riga Rescue on any of the following numbers:
• 082 857 4000
• 082 877 1434
• 082 447 1676